Natural Wax Candles

Our soy and palm natural wax candles are an environmentally friendly product as it comes from sustainable and renewable resources.  They are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, most people don't show sensitivity to natural wax candles as with paraffin candles.

Natural Wax Dipped Animals

As with our candles, our wax dipped animals are made with natural wax. Wax dipped animals are a great fragrance alternative to candles in areas that may be unsafe to burn candles, such as in a child's bedroom.  We have a variety of styles and sizes, and special order requiests are welcome.

Custom Made Beaded Accessories

Our hand-made beaded accessories are beautiful and stylish. We have an assortment of styles, such as the adorable backpack and cellphone charms, and our attractive "never-slip" bookmarks.